For over half a century, Forbes Marshall has been building steam engineering and control instrumentation solutions that work for process industry. Forbes Marshall's goal is to provide solutions in Energy, Efficiency and Process Automation, using the best technology the world has to offer. 50 years ago we started out with steam generation solutions.

In the last five decades Forbes Marshall has grown from a modest, Mumbai based trading company to a multi-divisional, ISO 9001 certified global company manufacturing advanced engineering products for process and power industries across the World. Forbes Marshall is probably the only company in the world to have extensive expertise in both steam and control instrumentation. The dual expertise has allowed us to engineer industry specific systems that focus on energy efficiency and utilities management for sectors as diverse as textiles, food processing, paper, power and chemicals etc.
Product Range :

S.S. 420 Thermodynamic Steam Trap TD 64 BSPT / SWE IBR
S.S. 420 Thermodynamic Steam Trap TD 65 BSPT / SWE IBR
Steel WC6 Thermodynamic Steam Trap TD 76 SWE IBR
A.S. F22 Thermodynamic Steam Trap TD 722 SWE IBR
Pipe Line Connector PC SWE IBR
Universal Trap UTD 64
C.S. Thermostatic Steam Trap / Airvent TLT 53 BSPT / SWE
C.I. Inverted Bucket Trap BT 30 Horizontal BSPT
C.S. Inverted Bucket Trap BT 50 Horizontal BSPT / SWE
C.I. Float Type Steam Trap SOFT 31 (4.5 / 10 / 13 BAR) BSPT
C.S. Float Type Steam Trap SOFT 53 BSPT / SWE / FL ASA 150 / FL ASA 300 IBR
SGI FT Module TOFT Flanged End
F.C.S. Piston Valve BSPT/SWE IBR
C.S. Piston Valve Flanged FL ASA 150 IBR
C.S. Piston Valve Flanged FL ASA 300 IBR
S.S. 316 Piston Actuated Valve Screwed NC/NO PAV
C.I. STR 31 Strainer 'Y' Type Screwed
C.I. STR 34 Strainer 'Y' Type FL ASA 150
C.S. STR 51/52 Strainer 'Y' Type BSPT / SWE IBR
C.S. STR 54 Strainer 'Y' Type FL ASA 300
C.I. Moisture Separator SEP 31 Screwed
C.I. Moisture Separator SEP 34 FL ASA 150
C.S. Moisture Separator SEP 54FL ASA 300 IBR
C.I. Sight Glass Screwed
S.S. CFM8M Disc Check Valve DCV for BS10 / DN Flanges IBR
C.I. Safety Releif Valve SRV Screwed
S.G.I. Pressure Reducing Valve PRV 41 Screwed BSPT
S.G.I. Pressure Reducing Valve PRV 41 Flanged BS 10 TABLE 'F' / 'H' )
C.S. Pressure Reducing Valve PRV 53 Flanged FL ASA 150 / 300 IBR

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