“KSB is the brand with the greatest technical expertise in pumps and valves.” KSB has been growing continuously since it was founded in 1871. Today the Group is a leading international manufacturer of pumps and valves and has a presence on all continents with its own sales and marketing companies, manufacturing facilities and service operations. More than 14,000 employees generate annual consolidated sales revenue of over two billion euros.
Fields of application for KSB products

KSB supplies equipment for the following applications

Building services
Process engineering
Water treatment
Water transport
Energy conversion
Solids transport
KSB products are used to transport or shut off fluids, including
Clean or contaminated water
Aggressive and explosive fluids
Corrosive and viscous fluids
Fluid/solid mixtures and slurries
Product Range :

CS Gate Flanged End
CS Globe Flanged End
CS Check Valves Flanged End
A 105/ F 22 Gate Valve BSPT/SWE
A 105/ F 22 Globe Valve BSPT/SWE
A 105/ F 22 Check Valve BSPT/SWE

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